Welcome, Ambitious Mompreneurs!

A Mompreneur is someone who wants IT ALL! They want freedom to do whatever they want in life. They also want to make a HUGE impact on the world, and start a wave of positivity.

Moms who choose happiness NOW, making it a top priority. Understanding the importance of happiness and how it impacts your children for the better. Following through, and making moves forward, even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Accepting only respect, even from the most important person- yourself. Willingness to be different and make choices that make you happy, not just blindly following the plan society has for you. Choosing what feels best to you, and never doing that which feels wrong, no matter who tells you to do so. Loving yourself NO MATTER WHAT, whether you are at the beginning or middle of your journey! Knowing that being a perfect mother is not possible, no matter how convincing Facebook portrayals may be. Don’t compare yourself to other mothers.

Know that you are doing an amazing job! You will make mistakes, things often get left undone…and that is OK. Sometimes SURVIVAL MODE will be the best you can do, and it will do, as long we work towards the part where we THRIVE. Enjoying the time you have with your children, while also making you time a priority.

Not feeling guilty for being the kind of mom you want to be. More than anything, knowing that you cannot DO it all on your own, but you can HAVE it all.I want this group to be a place of support, change and community. Being honest and open with one another and lifting each other up. Let’s share tips & tricks, mastermind, + ROCK our businesses & motherhood!

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